Incense and Qi

Kynam Group 2016 September 9, 2016 If there are any commodities in Asia with extremely high value commercially, culturally and religiously, Agarwood would have been among the top ten list. Traded heavily in the continent for centuries from the Middle eastern countries to the Buddhist cultured countries, the special wood is undoubtedly one of the most precious wood in the world, surrounded by heavy myths and strong historical precedence. Often in Feng Shui, we hear about the m

Smart tips for collectors

when you plan to buy some of agarwood , even to use it or to trade it , you should working with an professional expert , as Agarwood now not many in the nature condition , material zone was very rare , now adays , farmer doing plantation agarwood , to force it come out the C-Type quality ( as to use for incense powder ..) or make a fake of it well steam the normal wood to agarwood oils , to make it fragrance so that is very hard to understand the wood's-world itself , if you