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Smart tips for collectors

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

when you plan to buy some of agarwood , even to use it or to trade it , you should working with an professional expert , as Agarwood now not many in the nature condition , material zone was very rare , now adays , farmer doing plantation agarwood , to force it come out the C-Type quality ( as to use for incense powder ..) or make a fake of it well steam the normal wood to agarwood oils , to make it fragrance

so that is very hard to understand the wood's-world itself , if you going to meet some dealer in Indonesia , Sarawak , Papua , Vietnam or Cambodia..or just to buy from Gift-Shop .

a/ make a understand of agarwood , ( smell when burn ,every location has different taste , depend on the type of Agar-Tree as to know as Aquilaria crassna, A. banaense , A. baillonii,...)

b/ make a understand of pricing type ( sinking , tiger rings , skin..every product has an estimate pricing base on the use of the buyer for feng shui , bracelet , decoration..)

nature agarwood was display in Kynam Group Chain-store

c/ find some of expert , we believe there is many of expert can help you to buy a good agarwood product, or feng shui master also can help ,

As Kynam Store , we are working mostly with Vietnam buddhism associate ( VBA ) , and some of private club , as agarwood is very rare , so we don't trade it too much , in fact we should maintain more of it balance to our next generation.

( some of activation of Kynam Store with VBA and Expo of Ministry of Trade )

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